Why Not Go for It?

Sometime ago, I spent 2 hours getting to know 8 amazing CEOs in some depth. A common theme was they opted to leave their safe and secure world in search of more. It was an apparent choice between just paying the bills vs. a chance to achieve something really noteworthy.  Such “defining moments” could send your career and business in a new and upward direction, too!

David Sanders and 8 Amazing Entrepreneurs Share What It Took to Win!

Defining Moments vs. Hum Drum

We can all achieve more by “going for it!” Even Forrest Gump became a successful entrepreneur.

Everyone’s story included some tough times. Adversity is a part of life that forces us to rise or fall. Nobody’s immune from it regardless of their title, social or financial standing. In fact, those that have more, have more to lose — a common reason some people don’t try to achieve more. But key people of influence have a greater ability to help, which is worth the risk, in my opinion.

The key is the willingness to pick oneself up after a nasty fall or a boring period of non achievement, setting a high goal and getting back into the game. Being an entrepreneur, taking on more responsibility opens us up to a lot more shocks and potential disasters. In fact, reaching for any goal does that. It was this fact that leads some philosophers and lots of educators and regular folks to teach that one shouldn’t set high goals, because they could fail and that would be bad for their psyche or something. B.S. Striving for goals contributes more to keeping us alive than breathing!

Desire to Help Is a Common Prelude to Greatness

The media, politicians and other merchants of chaos would have us believe that we’re surrounded by evil-intention people. Maybe THEY are, as these are areas that attract them.

But when you talk to the men and women at the top of companies and industries, as I’m fortunate enough to do, you are struck by the observation of what really incredible human beings they are.

Hard work is another common denominator, so work at something that inspires you!

It’s far easier to work at something you love than die a slow death trading hours for dollars.

Another common factor in this group was luck, and everybody had it — both bad luck and good. But by truly moving in the direction of helping, the updraft of good luck could get pretty wild.

Prosper as an Entrepreneur

An amazing expansion story one CEO shared was his company has created tremendous stability in a normally-unstable field, the restaurant industry. This entrepreneur’s managers across dozens of locations had been with them for an average of 15 years. Not only that, they and their staff have been included “in” on investments in the new locations, resulting in a real sharing of the wealth and entrepreneurial spirit extending into every level of the company. Everyone has the opportunity to “go for it!” — even the cooks!

Your Unique Contributions

Some CEOs created their companies or niches because they were uniquely qualified to do so. Others, like Jimmy Steward in the classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, saw a need and, despite major distractions going on in their personal lives, accepted the responsibility, took  the helm and made it happen. You can, too!

Be an Inspired Entrepreneur

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