Tips and Tricks for the Digitally Challenged

Are you like me, living a digital lifestyle from morning to night? Does a computer crash or losing your phone put you into cardiac arrest? I’ve been working with my old friend Linda Ferguson on optimizing the technology we use and asked her to write a series of newsletters for you on the best and brightest ways to prosper in spite of (or because of) technology!


Remember the promise of a “paperless office?” The idea that with  a computer and the ability to work online, things would be simpler, faster, less confusing and give you LOADS of loafing time as a result?

And did it happen?

Here’s a picture. You wake up in the morning and before you even get out of bed you pick up your phone to check your email, text messages, social media and anything else that has changed since the last time you checked (which was just before going to bed). You see 13 new emails, 4 texts, 35 new Facebook updates, some calendar alerts and you KNOW that you have a list of vital items on your Battle Plan/Task List that you only got part way into just waiting for you to down at your desk. And a slight feeling of panic sets in.

Does this sound a little familiar? This is how my daily routine typically goes and many friends have similar ones.

We’re all now living a digital lifestyle and we’re not having the fun we envisioned.

David Assisting Clients to Set and Achieve Their Goals


I know it’s not a good idea to check my phone before my morning routine because I too easily get sidetracked. And I’ve tried in the past to not do it, not be so connected all the time. I ended up getting drawn back to it, like it was a huge magnet.

So one of the things I’ve done and which we can help you do is to set up some rules and principles that work and help guide you through the digital forest of today’s world.

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We have a marketing, management and digital tools to help business owners. We would like to share them with you and see if they would help your business achieve what you want. Call now and change your business. It is possible to achieve your goals, you know!

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