Marketing Becomes a Team Sport

What we used to do for marketing doesn’t have the punch it once did. So I’m closely studying some Internet marketers who are having outstanding success. A lot of what I’ve seen doesn’t look like marketing at all!  Sure, they write  copy, create nice photos and presentations, the basics. But what they do online to make it work  doesn’t come naturally to us old timers. I want to  share some of their “secret sauce” with my friends  in the hopes that it will make your marketing sparkle!

What Do I Mean, a Team Sport

On Mothers Day, Paul McCartney and one of the Sharks from Shark Tank watched as my nephew, Evan Greenbaum, glided across the stage at a highend Orlando college to pick up his sheepskin. He’d just finished a 4-year soccer scholarship.

I got the rundown on how his interview to snag this exciting position went. After the talking heads finished their part, he was ushered in to meet the strength and conditioning coach. And got put through the toughest workout of his life! That was just to make the team. Then things really heated up.

Evan had to do more than most people would ever consider doing just to unlock the door, much less score any points. And that’s the way marketing is today.
We have to do more than what we used to call marketing, just to get into the game!

The Set-up to Start Marketing

The game has changed.

You need to know your subject, do your surveys and keyword research, work out how to position yourself or your product in the market place.

Then you develop headlines, write copy, get some great images, put up your website, make it look enchanting, print brochures and Boom! You’re ready to start.

It used to be you’d just mail that out and get business. Have you tried that lately? If so and it’s working for you, thank you luck stars.

For most of us, that’s when the game starts.

WOM is King

Once your marketing basics are done andyour site is up, WOM (Word Of Mouth) takes over. It was once done in person or over the phone.

Today that’s too old and slow. It’s all about your reviews, what people say on Google, Facebook and Twitter. It’s what social proof you’ve got.

An individual attempting to do this alone is like a 1-man soccer team. You don’t stand a chance.

Marketing is a team sport.

It’s working together with teammates with a common purpose, using workable tech and today’s communication systems. It’s fast-paced, noholds-barred.

How do you do it? Call me and let’s discuss.


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