Three Things That Work in Marketing

I just consulted a client who has problems you might share. She  needs business, so out of the million  alternatives, what should she do? What marketing tools work today?  Below are three that make marketing fly!

What Is Today’s Hottest Marketing Tool

My friend and Internet marketing specialist, Tony Rockliff, quotes his favorite marketing guru, “If you had to pick one thing to get really good at and outsource everything else, get great at Facebook ads.” The sheer targeting capability combined with their low cost makes it very attractive. Facebook ads are the hottest way to economically market today – you can run an ad campaign for $5/day.

What Other Marketing Tools Are Hot?

Conducting surveys of your ideal clientele is vital (I call the absence of this “blind archery”.). A client just had me do a new survey. My initial surveys had resulted in great returns for 5 years. But times change and people change.

Amazingly, we discovered that many things he was now promoting to prospects, they didn’t consider important. In fact, he wasn’t just wasting his advertising dollars and he was turning some people off.

Super-important buttons were lost drops of water in a sea of text in his ads and website. Marketing works when you know what your prospects and customers want.

Top-Dog Marketing Results

From studies done of a broad cross section of businesses, there is a top dog in terms of what generates marketing results. What is it?

Email Marketing is tops. Spam doesn’t work well. But emailing prospects, customers and acquaintances, can be awesome!

How do you maximize results from all these things?

Learn vital actions that you can take that will give your marketing the biggest boost!

Do you want your Marketing to work? I can help you  to create a team to boost each other’s marketing. Call me now and let’s change things this week! It is possible to achieve your marketing goals, you knowSend me an email now or give me a call at 727-304-5000 !

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