What’s Hot in Marketing Today?

I just surveyed the members of my CBS Marketing Alliance & Mastermind to find what marketing actions they had tried, what worked and what they most wanted to learn about. The results may help guide your marketing success and get it on target. Below are some highlights of what’s working and what’s not.

The Most Used Marketing Actions Today


The #1 item shocked me and may surprise you. The most used marketing action among entrepreneurs and marketers in our Mastermind is Logo and Branding. The good news is that it’s not only the most popular action, participants felt it was one of the most workable action they were doing. But they want to learn more about it, so I’ll have the most experienced logo and branding pro I know, Jack Potter, do a presentation on this area next week.
I’ll have him to do a guest newsletter on it, too.

The #2 item is knowing the history of their product or service in sales. They feel knowing this has helped their marketing. But it’s still one of those areas where they feel they have a lot to learn. This is critical to putting together a marketing plan.

#3 is Newsletters. Most have found this to be a workable method of marketing. They want to learn more about it, so we will tackle it in detail. This is a tool I’ve recommend for 3 decades.

#4 is another surprise. LinkedIn has been tried a lot. Unfortunately it has been one of the least workable methods the group has attempted. This may be due to lack of expertise, so we’ll probe this.

#5 is one of the things the group was most interested in learning about: “How to KNOW what customers and
prospects need and want.”

What Do People Want to Learn About in Marketing?


The #1 thing people are most wanting to know about is something I will be covering in detail in a future Mastermind
session and summarizing in a later newsletter: How to operate from a marketing plan.

Another hot area is Public Relations. I’ve done a ton of PR over the years and have covered it in seminars around the US. So we’ll have fun with this one!

We have an expert who will be doing a presentation on another super-hot topic, Facebook Ads/ Marketing.

Some Traditional Marketing Still Works


Although several other marketing actions outrank them, a number of traditional marketing actions are still being
used successfully.

In contrast, social medial marketing is an area of interest, but is not successful for most of our group thus far.
We will be covering more in this area, but except for Facebook Ads, it’s not one of the most successful or in-demand topics.

I’ll be passing you key nuggets on all these areas, so stay tuned!

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