5-Phase Program

The Creative Business Strategies
5-Phase Business Program

Phase 1
lecture roomProductivity & Time Management Program

Envision for a moment how your company could function if it were streamlined into a powerful, well-oiled machine. What could it really achieve? The Creative Business Strategies Five-Phase Program is so thorough and powerful that the first phase alone gives many times the return on investment (ROI) of any other management program around. The program includes:

Productivity & Time Management Program:

1. Individually consulting executives and staff to increase their personal productivity and improve time management.

2. In the process, getting all executives and key staff on top of their workloads, often for the first time in years!

3. Locating those who cannot handle their workload and alerting management on how best to correct or handle them.

4. Ensuring there is a workable communication system in the company or getting one established.

5. This efficiency program also includes an “analysis of the business by communication lines,” providing vital data to speed later steps.

We start at the top of the organization and work down. It takes two to eight hours per employee, sometimes more at the top. The result is that the organization will be in communication top to bottom, on top of its workload and working at a much greater level of efficiency.

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