Phase Five

The Creative Business Strategies
5-Phase Business Program

Columns Happy IMG_3316 SmallPHASE 5
Administrative Scale of Importances:

1. Get Owners (and Executives as desired) to set long-term goals and shorter-term purposes (aims).

2. Get appropriate short-term goals posted so Executives and staff can get used to the new system.

3. Help with the writing of orders that gets needed policy in use.

4. Help develop procedures to get future policies written and issued as appropriate.

5. Help formalize the Strategic Plan for the business developed in Phase Two above.

6. Based on the Strategic Plan, help work out exact Program steps and assignment of specific responsibilities necessary to ensure effective execution.

7. Get these steps issued and being done with appropriate executive supervision.

8. Lay out with some precision how the organization should ideally function in each area.

9. Phase Five ties together all earlier Phases and puts the final polish on the Creative Business Strategies Program.

10. Lastly, ensure that each executive is in agreement with the company’s goals and policies and knows what they individually need to do to achieve those goals.

Our consultants meet with owners and senior executives and help work out the future course of action for the company including plans to handle any situations that have been envisioned. This takes about one day plus any additional time needed with individual executives.

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