Market Research and Surveys

pillarIn addition to our Free Marketing Analysis and Marketing Booster, we provide the surveys, research and the recommendations for marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns. Additionally, as requested, we coordinate with corporate marketing departments or external agencies to help position the surveyed messages for the highest possible response.

We do not utilize focus groups, but instead conduct live one-on-one interviews (in person or on the phone) with the client’s customers, prospects or both. We pride ourselves on surveying hard-to-reach publics (senior corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, etc) but have conducted thousands of customer surveys as well.

We will research what your competition is doing to market and sell products or services that you currently sell or are considering selling. We will investigate several issues for you regarding your competition, including:

  • What are their successful sales actions?
  • What are their secrets to getting new customers?
  • Who are the leaders in the industry?
  • How do they sell their products?
  • What is their pricing?
  • What is their positioning in the market?
  • How would you best sell against them?
  • What do their customers think of them?
  • What motivates customers to buy the competition’s products or services instead of yours

Potential Customer Needs and Wants Research

Using in-depth, one-on-one marketing research surveys, we will find out what your targeted buying public wants, needs or would consider valuable about your product or service.

We will find the “buttons” from your prospective customers’ own words that you will be able to use to increase the response to your marketing activity. You will know the proper message and the proper emotional framework in which to communicate, so your prospective customers will come to you instead of your competition! You will know exactly what will make your prospects buy from you!

Current Customer Needs and Wants Research

Do you know what your customers, clients or patients think of you and your company or practice? Did you know that this can affect your income and future sales?

What specifically motivated them to buy from you in the first place? Would they do so again? Why or why not? We also find out what causes you to lose customers if you do, and how to correct this.

And we will find out for you how to get your customers referring your business to others. This is information that can increase your sales and income dramatically.

Market Studies / Surveys on Your Product or Service

We will research past studies and/or surveys on the product or service which you are marketing. What have past marketing studies shown about the potential of this product or service? What has worked and what hasn’t?

Positioning Surveys

Your products have a position and that position comes from the mind of your customers or prospects. How exactly should you position your products, services, and company in your marketplace so as to “own” it? We’ll give you the surveyed answer to this question to fit YOUR company, product, service or practice.

Ethnic Surveys

Your company is at risk if you are attempting to sell in an area where you do not know the ethnic values. Surveying the principal ethnic group or groups which comprise your potential and/or current customers, we will determine what these people value about your products or services from their cultural perspective. Then and only then will you know the “buying” buttons of your potential and/or current customers.

Market Development Research (finding buyers for products)

We will find out for you which “public” is likely to buy your product and which won’t. We can also find out for you which of several “publics” or marketplaces are the best for you to address in your marketing.

The “No Sale” Package or “Why didn’t you sell him?”

We will survey people who were “pitched” by your company but did not close. By surveying that public we will find out specifically why you didn’t get the sale, and if the person later bought from someone else, why they bought elsewhere. Most businesses never know why “the one that got away” did get away. Now you will know. We will present the exact action you should take to close your hot prospects next time. You might even get a second chance at “the one that got away”.


As all of our PR and marketing work is customized to our individual clients, our fees are based on customized rates for the type of services required. Please Contact Us for more information and a free quote.

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