Free Marketing Analysis

deskMarketing for Businesses and Professionals in the 21st Century

Our CEO, David Sanders, has been doing market research and marketing
strategies for over 30 years. Call or email us today and he will
schedule a time to go over your marketing in enough detail to be able to make
some workable suggestions and recommendations for you. Do it now.

You can speed the process by taking one minute and filling in the questions
below on a scale of 1 to 10 to help guide our discussion.

A One-Minute
Marketing Analysis:

Our customized marketing services will cause your business to really
take off. Below are 8 critical areas that could be ruining your business
and/or preventing you from achieving your goals.

1 minute and rate your business in the 8 areas listed below
on a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (great):

Marketing Control

Can you get plenty of new business any time you want?

Internal Marketing/Customer Retention

Do your customers remain loyal and active? Have you lost good ones you
should not have lost?

Marketing Organization?

Are your marketing activities smooth, or “Stress
City” for you, staff and customers?

Marketing Efficiency

Are your marketing actions generating a gross income
2 to 10 times their total cost?

Marketing Development

Are you finding and retaining great new marketing

Positioning and Branding in Your

Does your marketing stand out from the competition
with a well-conceived and effectively developed positioning?

Financial Control & Marketing

Do you continue to market in any economic environment?
Do you generate a good, fast ROI?

The Bottom Line: Profitability

Is your marketing making what you expect– or less
than you need?

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