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Do the CBS Marketing Booster!

67% of Businesses Didn’t Have Enough Customers Before the Economy Tanked!

windowOur low-cost solution helps you expand your market share and increase profitability.

  • Your marketing success depends on knowing the best, most cost-effective ways to market your business — before you spend your advertising dollar.
  • The Creative Business Strategies (CBS) Marketing Booster will fill in holes in your knowledge and generate more profits.
  • CBS will meet with you and clarify your business goals so your marketing efforts can help you achieve your goals.
  • This service includes an evaluation of existing and past PR, sales and marketing actions. We examine your competition, distribution systems, successful actions and other factors that impact the success of your business.
  • We design and conduct a tailored market research project that will answer the most pressing questions that lead directly to more business NOW!
  • CBS will then deliver a report with full tabulation of survey results PLUS recommendations and plan of action PLUS sample ad headlines and copy.
  • The proven, effective system of analysis is being offered to you at a special flat rate of $2,995 – far less than the price of the survey alone!

Why Creative Business Strategies?

CBS is a full-service PR & marketing firm for entrepreneurs and professionals. We bring you well-known marketing gurus, seasoned market researchers and leading public relations professionals with proven track records and hard-earned know-how.

The company’s resources are also available to you for long term strategic planning, market research, public relations, media planning, direct mail, web development and Internet marketing. Once you get to know us and see how we can generate profits for you, we are confident you will want to have a long-term relationship.

We know marketing, we think BIG and we deliver what we promise.

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What Will You Do for Me?

We will analyze your competition and your own current and past promotional and marketing efforts to isolate which actions have been successful in your business and industry. Importantly, we will spot which have not, and what can be done to improve the response to all of your promotional activities. You may find a very high-profit potential product that you can market and sell right now.

This powerful booster service will reveal the following:

  • Where you can get the best bang for the buck in your marketing.
  • How your marketing can be fine tuned to boost sales NOW.
  • Are you properly positioned in the marketplace?
  • What media will give you the best ROI (Return On Investment)?
    • Print Media (newspaper, magazines, direct mail, brochures, flyers, coupons)
    • Internet (online advertising, affiliate marketing, web site design, content, search engines)
    • Electronic Media (radio, TV)
    • Guerilla Marketing (many powerful techniques)
  • Are you missing any of the 21 key marketing points that must be present for you to be a high-volume success?

All this points to the question, “How powerful and effective can your marketing really get?” We answer this question with shocking accuracy.

Are you satisfied with your current marketing efforts? Our Marketing Boost Program will direct you to more effective and efficient marketing actions.

Contact us today and let’s get you started toward generating the business you need and want.

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