Marketing Successes

chair“David Sanders helped me market my way from retail sales of $2,000 per week to consistently hitting over $70,000 per week in just 18 months.”

Shaul Havivy, CEO
Art-Wave International, the Art Warehouse
Burbank, CA

Using the powerful marketing technology Mr. Sanders implemented with our start-up firm, in less than three years we became the largest company of our kind in the United States. One year later we were grossing $1,000,000 monthly.”

Mike Lee, Partner
Glendale, CA

As a multi-million dollar Southern California service company, we increased production and gross income from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per year within eight months of retaining David Sanders.”

George Anderson, CEO

“Your research – broadly gathered, accurately tested, deeply and widely analyzed, and clearly communicated to the client – reflects a level of excellence to which other research firms should aspire. For our current major client, it has provided critical new understanding of his target audience groups. It has brought new insights into his business, upon which his entire enterprise can prosper in coming years.

You communicate your data in complete detail, while keeping the fundamental meaning of the data clear and focused for the client. This is more than science, it is art.”

C. Jackson Bain, President
Bain and Associates, Inc.
Communications Counselors
Alexandria, VA

“It has been a few months since you performed the market research work for us, so I write this with a very good appreciation of the benefits of the work. In launching our new company, I considered one of the most important things we would do is brand and position the company. Your work to help us get into the minds of our customers and prospects really pinpointed – with precision – what our brand should represent. And the rest fell in place from there.

Looking back, I feel confident that we have hit on a position and brand that impinges on our public and will have lasting value. I look forward to continuing to work with you as we build our company.”

Mike Driessen
Experio Solutions
Executive Vice President

The survey of business travelers and corporate travel planners that your company did for us really “peeled the onion” on what these publics need and want from a hotel in the way of technology. In addition, the positioning that grew out of your research was nothing short of stellar! We now have a strategically researched, laser-like position that will dramatically assist us in rolling out our new brand.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey L. Donner, President
Matrix Lodging, LLC

“You followed through as promised and the information the hotel received was detailed, accurate and objective. The information and insight was worth every penny. I have already used this information to take corrective action in our need areas and as a training tool to educate my associates.”

Scott M. Ragatz, General Manager
Courtyard by Marriott
Norwalk, CT

“Dave’s ability to intertwine his unique stories & anecdotes with data I can use made the presentation fun & entertaining as well as informative.”

Walter Nash, Publisher

“My old friend Dave Sanders has again helped me to better understand what I NEED TO DO to really make my business BOOM, my life BOOM.”

D.G., High Tech

“Now, I haven’t done badly up to now. I’ve consistently produced in 6 figures – BUT NEVER AT A LEVEL I’m capable of, really. A million $ a year is where I should be – now. And by using the technology as relayed by Dave, I know I will get there.”

Lou Gonzales, Insurance

“For 14 years as a dentist in the Midwest I had a below-average practice. With David Sanders’ help, we increased new patients 10x and collections an incredible 20X! It is now in the top 1% of professional practices in the United States. Both my office manager and I can now vacation for months at a time without sacrificing these high levels of production and profitability.”

Robert Marx, DDS

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