Productivity Booster

happyThe 1-2 Punch to Boost Your Business in Today’s Economy

Envision for a moment how your company could function if it were streamlined into a powerful, well-oiled machine. What could it really achieve? The Creative Business Strategies Producitivy Booster Program is so thorough and powerful that the first step alone gives many times the return on investment (ROI) of any other management program around. The program includes:

STEP 1 –
Productivity & Time Management Program

1. Individually consulting executives and staff to increase their personal productivity and improve time management.

2. In the process, getting all executives and key staff on top of their workloads, often for the first time in years!

3. Locating those who cannot handle their workload and alerting management on how best to correct or handle them.

4. Ensuring there is a workable communication system in the company or getting one established.

5. This efficiency program also includes an “analysis of the business by communication lines,” providing vital data to speed later steps.

STEP 2 –
Microsoft Outlook Email Productivity & Time Management Program

6. Individually consulting executives and staff to improve their handling of their email to maximize individual and group productivity and improve time management.

We start at the top of the organization and work down. It takes two to eight hours per employee, sometimes more at the top. The result is that the organization will be in communication top to bottom, on top of its workload and working at a much greater level of efficiency.

We are uniquely qualified to deliver the help you need. We specialize in boosting productivity, something we have been doing since 1975.

• We have a very effective program to help you and your staff get on top of all paperwork and get geared up for the vitally-needed higher flow of business.

• You and your team will attend our Productivity and Time Management PowerPoint Presentation. From just this indoctrination, most will begin working to implement this material, so it will be a relatively straightforward and rapid action to fully implement the program in your office.

• We will work personally to help organize you and your business to maximize your throughput and creative outflow toward the end of hitting your numbers and making your business really work for you.

• We will install a system of delegation, tracking and supervision so that your control of staff gets a boost. Using our system, you will get less non-compliance and you don’t get hit with surprises.

Could the paperwork and administrative functions in your organization be streamlined and turbocharged into a powerful, well-oiled machine? If so, what could you really achieve?

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