Productivity Successes


“The productivity program resulted in a jump in my sales ranking and cut the stress and time of my work.”

“My sales went from #12 to #4 in one month.”

Diane Enciso, Financial Services Sales

“David Sanders has helped me dramatically increase my efficiency. Using his help with this and marketing took us from retail sales of $2,000 per week to consistently hitting over $70,000 per week in just 18 months.”

Shaul Havivy, Art Sales

“As a multi-million dollar Southern California service company, we increased production and gross income from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per year within eight months of retaining David Sanders.”

George Anderson, Service Industry

“Dave’s ability to intertwine his unique stories & anecdotes with data I can use made the presentation fun & entertaining as well as informative.”

Walter Nash, Publisher

“My old friend Dave Sanders has again helped me to better understand what I NEED TO DO to really make my business BOOM, my life BOOM.”

D.G., High Tech

“Now, I haven’t done badly up to now. I’ve consistently produced in 6 figures – BUT NEVER AT A LEVEL I’m capable of, really. A million $ a year is where I should be – now. And by using the technology as relayed by Dave, I know I will get there.”

Lou Gonzales, Insurance

“For 14 years as a dentist in the Midwest I had a below-average practice. With David Sanders’ help, we increased new patients 10x and collections an incredible 20X! It is now in the top 1% of professional practices in the United States. Both my office manager and I can now vacation for months at a time without sacrificing these high levels of production and profitability.”

Robert Marx, DDS

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