How to Handle Distractions

How many times do you reach the end of an hour or day and feel like you got nothing done? What does this do to your morale? More importantly, how much does it cut into your bottom line?

Ever Notice You’ve Gotten Nothing Done?

Source of Distractions

Getting distracted yourself is bad enough.

I hate it when I feel like I’m hustling pretty well, only to discover when I look at my battle plan or to-do list that there’s nothing I can check off. I’ve been running like mad only to arrive back where I started. Like in Alice in Wonderland I have to run twice as fast to get anywhere at all.

That’s a fine solution, but sooner or later I want to know where all these distractions come from and find ways they can be reduced.

What about your staff?

Your business should have policy which puts in sensible controls on social media and
personal emails during working hours.

Maybe you’re having to do things you expected your employees do to.A 2017 survey by staffing firm Office Team found the average employee spends 56 minutes per day using their cell phone at work for non-work activity. This is far more than most managers expect. That’s 4.7 hours/week. Plus the average employee spends 3.5 hours during their work week attending to personal tasks and errands. Those 8.2 wasted hours boost to 10 hours per week for younger employees.



This Place is Not Coordinated

One of my clients has been receiving a lot of communication from staff that is hard to handle. One gung-ho new sales rep is blowing up the boss’s phone sending 1,000-word text messages in attempts to get approval on projects.

Others are going into gory detail, on and on, about what’s happening in their area at the end of which, they tell the boss he needs to decide what to do about it.

In other cases, the boss orders A and his staff deliver X to him instead, and expect to be patted on the back.

Correct Communication Can Save Your Bacon!

A simple, workable solution is to issue a policy laying out exactly how the myriad of communication tools present in today’s businesses are to be used. Add to that the three formats for office communication which we utilize to smooth things out and allow businesses to prosper

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