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showingThis introductory consultation was great!  It was all great, applicable data I can immediately use.  I can tell by applying this data my business will soar.  This was the best advice on business I have ever gotten.  We were shown weak points in our business and how to handle them.  The knowledge he will give you about business is incredible.  Look forward to more in the future!

K.J., Software Publisher

My company increased production and gross income from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per year within eight months of retaining David Sanders to implement this technology. I just wanted to write you and let you know how satisfied we are with your service.  As a business consultant you are the best. Also I want to say that when it comes to getting the job done, you are real kick ass!

George A., CEO

Creative Business Strategies doubled my already-substantial practice volume and profitability in less than a year. The rocket ride has not stopped.  In the first half of this year we have exceeded what we did all last year.  Despite the economy which has crippled most of our competitors.

Plus I was able to spend far less time in the practice and more time vacationing with my family and doing things I wanted to do. I now spend all my working time with my clients, not doing paperwork. This is fun!

Robert T., Financial Planner

On February 9th we got a free introductory consultation.  Almost all of my company’s statistics, including gross income, have been uptrending ever since.  David Sanders very rapidly spotted a “Why” which was totally obvious, but we hadn’t seen it, nor had others.

I did the recommended steps to handle the “Why” and the statistics went up. That’s the way it is supposed to be.  But it shows what David can do.  His decades of experience, his training and his wisdom make it look easy.  And it is easy when you are handling the right “Why.”  Thank you, David.

John H., Entrepreneur

My efficiency has gone up and my marketing is far more effective thanks to the technology used by Creative Business Strategies. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Bruce W, Financial Planner

Using this powerful management technology in our start-up firm, in less than three years David Sanders helped us become the largest company of our kind in the United States. One year later we were grossing $1,000,000.00 monthly.

Bill K., Entrepreneur

David Sanders is an absolute genius in the helping entrepreneurs.  I am most impressed with his ability to put order and sanity into the most chaotic of situations.

If you would like to raise your income level and lower your stress level then Mr. Sanders is the man for you.

Joby T., Entrepreneur

David Sanders defused an explosive internal situation in my high-tech firm. We not only recovered departing key executives, but sent every statistic in the company straight up!

Cheryl O., Entrepreneur

For 14 years my Midwest dental practice was very low producing and I was burned out. Mr. Sanders was able to quickly boom my practice and improve my lifestyle dramatically.  I have continued to work with him off and on over the years and he has increased my practice by 20X! It is now in the top 1% of professional practices in the United States. I and my senior executives vacation for months at a time without sacrificing these high levels of production and profitability.

Robert M., Dentist

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