From Start-up to Multi- Million Dollar Success!

As you may know, I’ve recently been helping a friend build some businesses from bright ideas into a multi-million-dollar real estate powerhouse.That’s done and I’ve passed my hats in that project. There were a lot of lessons learned that were very interesting, instructive and hopefully helpful which I’d like to share with you.

Grow Your Business in the Current Economy

A key point is that businesses are indeed making it, growing and winning in the current economic environment. We created some of the fastest-growing businesses in Tampa Bay, an area that is experiencing rapid business growth. It proves once more that using good technology of management provides a powerful base for expansion.

Another key point is that the current government emphasis on reducing regulation and letting business happen is a breath of fresh air to the business world. Most of our growth came after the election. Whatever your politics, having a businessman in the White House is good for business. The same is true in Argentina – the election of a businessman of proven skill to head their government opened up that country to our business, as well.

So tune out all the noise, focus on what is possible and “make hay while the sun shines.” This is a sunshiny time to make your business grow. We will have lulls and storms, but the overall forecast is positive. We seem to be experiencing a delayed recovery from the Great Recession. Ride it for all it’s worth!

Real Estate Cresting Above Pre-Crash Levels

In most areas real estate is finally at or above its pre-crash levels. I’ll have more to say about the real estate market in future newsletters for those with some interest there.

But there are people making the argument that having finally recovered in 2017 the ground lost in 2008-9 means the next crash is just around corner.      In my opinion they are not looking at the actual causes of the crash, they’re just reacting to similarities. old friend Bruce Wiseman predicts a tightening of credit starting around the first of 2018 which could put a damper on real estate. If you want to acquire credit or need to buy something on credit, now would be a good time.

Key Barriers to Business Success

David Assisting Clients to Set and Achieve Their Goals

I found that there are a myriad of points that need to be put into place for a business to succeed – more today than in the past due to:

  1. The tendency people have to complicate things multiplied by 240 years of business in the US
  2. The over-reach of government filling the private sector with “gotcha” regulations too numerous to count and
  3. Technological advances whizzing by at a dizzying rate in every area of business and living.

On this last point, the classic book, Future Shock, made an impactful point in 1970 when Alvin Toffler invited us readers to walk into our bathroom and count the number of products that didn’t exist 20 years before. Shocking! This challenge can now be extended to any room of your home and the time frame shortened. It’s now true for business as well and will have a much greater impact soon. I look forward to filling you in on more in coming weeks.

I Miss You! Let‘s Talk!

Success is important, so I’d like to provide a complimentary consultation to assist you in achieving your goals and plans, whether for your business or career. Call me now and change your business. It is possible to achieve your goals, you know! Send me an email now or give me a call at 727-304-5000 !


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